Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Revlon - Sparkle Aplenty

This is a new fall shade from Revlon. I found a fully stocked display at Walgreens last week. I thought it was unique enough to be added to my collection. :) A friend of mine pointed out that it is quite similar to Nail Venturous Voodoo Doll, but a "poor man's version." I much prefer the larger glitter pieces in Voodoo Doll, but this is more available and affordable.

This is 2 coats. The glitter applies evenly without having to place them. The charcoal/black base is just sheer enough that you can see glitter from underneath layers, but it's opaque enough to cover in 2 coats.

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  1. I wish Revlon would release interesting polishes like this in the UK! Very pretty.

  2. Very cool polish. I'll have to look for it next time I'm at Walgreen's! Awesome swatches.

  3. wow this is one freaking awesome polish!

  4. I'm loving the Revlon Glitters lately! They're soooo pretty <3

  5. Saw this one on line recently but photos were not a good as yours. Now I am lemming this even more so! I had not bought any Revlon for ages until they had those 2 dups of the Deb. Lippmann shades. I had both DL shades but wanted to see what Revlon could do with them. I have been to my Rite Aide 3 times watching for this fall Revlon display to come in = so far none. We don't get everything however. This looks like a jelly sandwich. But I don't have any black or dark charcoal polishes that don't go opaque to be able to make my own jelly sand in this shade. Curious is this a smooth finish or one that is gritty?

    1. I found it looked smoother with a layer of topcoat, but it wasn't that textured at all. I can fix you up with a bottle if you can't find it personally.

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  7. Oh my god that is the cutest colour - I hope they stock it in Aussie! Did they only just put it out?
    Also, I love your blog so much! I used one of your pictures in an inspirations post (with credit to you of course); I hope that's ok!
    xx L

  8. It's really chic, It looks like a one polish of essence to make darker some colours, that has that kind of glitter. Nice. Kisses


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