Monday, September 17, 2012

Born Pretty Pastel Oval Rhinestones

These rhinestones can be found here at Born Pretty for $3.45. You can see it's a wide variety of pastel colors that are available in this wheel. Click to enlarge the pic and look at the duochrome goodness on the black oil slick ones on the bottom right. I have to find something special to do with those!

This is a simple look I came up with.

They are pretty straight forward as far as rhinestones go. Simply place them while your topcoat is still wet, or use a little nail glue. They do have a bit of height to them as you can see in this picture. But there are no rough edges to catch or snag things. I chose to not apply a layer of topcoat over these. That usually softens the definition of the facets.

I started with my naked nails, masked off the half moons using hole reinforcement stickers. Then I applied 2 coats of a China Glaze Spontaneous-ish franken. (It was a nearly empty bottle of Spontaneous that I added something from Ulta to... it was just a teal shimmery polish that didn't really change Spontaneous at all. But you can see faint shimmer bits... so hence the disclaimer)

Then I freehanded these little lines using a medium striper brush and Color Club Secret Rendezvous.

Then set the rhinestone on while the topcoat is wet.

Don't forget that you can get a discount at Born Pretty by using my coupon code:

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  1. Nice use of the rhinestones. They can look tacky quite easily but this is lookin' mighty fine.

  2. So pretty! I love the unique way you used the rhinestones.

  3. I really like these! They're simple and ladylike but still super visually interesting to me.

  4. i like it!simple and nice :D

  5. What an Awesome Work.. I love Nail stickers when printing by professional custom sticker printing.

  6. These are looking very beautiful! I like the nail art, you presented very well. Please keep updating the blog. Cheers!


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