Thursday, September 27, 2012

Born Pretty - Purple/Sky Blue Mood Polish

This polish can be found for sale here $7.84
This polish changes colors according to temperature. 
When it's warm, the color is light blue. When it's cold, the color is purple.

The bottle itself looks marbled, which is really neat. No special comments on the polish consistency or brush. Both were pretty standard, nothing special. 

This is 2 coats layered over Sally Hansen Brisk Blue. I had read other reviews that said it could be sheer, so I went ahead and gave it some underwear. 
You can see the faux "french" design it creates because the free edge of my nails is colder than that on the nail bed.

Then here is a shot after I stuck those four fingers in cold water. 
The change is super quick and quite a contrast!

Check it out at Born Pretty and don't forget my coupon code:

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  1. Oh that pretty cool, I've never tried a colour changing nail varnish but I might now!

    Jazz x

  2. I got that as well! I wasn't sure if it would work but it soooooo did.

  3. What an awesome color changing nail polish! Most of the color changing nail polishes I see the change is so slight it just doens't seem worth the money but this is one I would definitely buy! So pretty! I especially love the faux "frech" effect that is gives.

  4. Oh and I'm a new follower I just wanted to let you know that all of the things you do with nail polish are amazing!! :)

  5. Cool! The "french effect" is kind of awesome!

  6. First time seeing this, very cool.

  7. I really need it! Gorgeous! Kisses

  8. I have this and i've never thought about layering it. Now i'm going to. It is pretty sheer and I noticed when I used a top coat the top coat peeled off i've never had that happen before. Did this happen to you?

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