Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coral & Blue Pinterest Toes

I'm really loving these mixed pattern pedicure designs! And some more stripes for my big toes? So fun! These lasted 3 weeks :) It helped that I used nail glue to attach the rhinestones. 
I copied this design found here. I plan on doing these again, but perhaps then I'll use more pastel shades like the original. 

I used Orly Snow cone, theBalm Coral Reef-ined, and Kiss Nail Art Striper in white. A mix of rhinestones from god only knows where. I've forgotten.

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  1. OMG I wanna do this! I usually stick to one color on my toes but this is adorable. I have GOT to get some rhinestones, too.

  2. Omg, your toes are like mine haha! Big big toe and little other toes haah!

    Gorgeous pedi!

    Jazz x

  3. This looks great! I was thinking Orly Snow Cone was white - but since you used Stripe Rite in white - guess that means Orly Snow Cone is the blue...I have to look that one up again.

  4. Very pretty, really caught my eye.

  5. Your toes are so pretty lol! I'm too afraid to post mine on my blog :( This is such an awesome design I love the little rhinestones!

  6. I really hate my nails' toes, they have a very wear form. Really nice pedicure. Kisses


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