Monday, September 10, 2012

Leslie Likes Rebecca's Nails

I couldn't help myself. Rebecca Likes Nails apple design is adorable! So I just HAD to recreate it. :)
She has a tutorial on her blog post. Be sure to check it out.

The colors I used:
Orly Decades of Dysfunction
 Color Club Incognito
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Rapid Red
Zoya Dea &
OPI Jade Is The New Black.

These would be great nails for any teachers out there or perhaps "Teacher Appreciation Week!"
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  1. Oh my gosh! Those really are just 50 different kinds of adorable. Really love the apple pattern. So lovely!

  2. PERFECTION!!!! You did an amazing job

  3. this is just soooo cute! you did an amazing job!

  4. I loved it too and it's on my to do list. Your recreation is perfect x

  5. I love this manicure, I'll try to do it, but I'm sure it won't be as beautiful as your job. Congratulations! Kisses

  6. Ha! I actually was planning on doing a recreation of this too- it's such a great design. And you executed it perfectly!

  7. OMG, your nails are just perfect! they look like they have been printed on.

  8. Soo cute! This is a great recreation! :D

  9. such a cute design. i really wana look up some swatches of that color club incognito polish. so cute

  10. Me he enamorado de esta mani es preciosa por favor!!!


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