Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Tender Teal

This is 3 thin coats of Tender Teal, one of the new Diamond Strength collection.
 I don't see any Teal..... It's more bright, vibrant blue. Then it has a slight duochrome shift to purple. But I don't see any teal at all.

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  1. HAHA. When I first saw the pic I was like... that's not teal! That's not teal at all! and then I saw your comments saying there was no teal. That's a very bright (Zoya Song) blue.

  2. Lovely colour! Shame they named it teal! LOL!

    Jazz x

  3. This is gorgeous, I have been wanting to try some from this collection. But yeah, definitely not teal lol!

  4. A pretty color, but I agree...definitely no teal! Haha!


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