Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine - Lava

Finally some pictures of the other Lustre Shine I bought recently. Pictured is 3 thin coats. It is quite sheer, my nails are short now, but if they were much longer I would probably choose to layer it over another polish. There is visible nail line.

The color shifts from reddish pink to bright orange. Lots of glassflecks :)

Here is an underwater shot to try and better show the color shift. Too bad it's blurry and the water has bubbles! Lol. So sorry!

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  1. Hey - just wanted to let you know that in honor of today being Emergency Nurses day, the image from one of your earlier blogs has been featured as the "art of the day" on Art Every Day 2 U! I've linked to you as well, so hopefully some of my art fans will come over and check out your blog! Have a lovely day!

  2. I love the underwater picture and the colour looks really beautiful!

  3. Amazing color, Really beautiful pictures!

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  4. Hi, Very nice nail color the shining effect on nail is stunning ..
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