Sunday, November 25, 2012

KleanColor, Santee, & Nabi - Quick Swatches

These products were sent to me for review by They offer various cosmetics as well as jewelry and other fashion accessories.
Prices are reasonable and they have lots of variety, so check it out!
I got worried when I picked up the package and it smelled like polish.....
They had simply tossed them in a box with one layer of bubble wrap to cushion.
 One bottle of KleanColor had broken and the entire bottle leaked all over the others. :(
The good news is that when I contacted them to show them what happened, they were very apologetic and offered to send a replacement shipment. So thumbs up to their customer service.

I'll save the words on this product review, because honestly nobody really reads long posts anyhow! We all know you come here just for the pictures, and not so much my lack-luster wit. ;)
All of these polishes applied the same, the formulas were pretty good, some of the brushes were a little wonky, most all of them smell awful and full of chemicals...
First up are the Kleancolors:
Lavenbaby - 2 coats

Coffee Addict - 2 coats

Metallic Pink - 2 coats

Cobalt - 2 coats

Chunky Holo Teal - 2 coats over Cobalt 
* without flash*

Chunky Holo Black - 2 coats over Sinful Colors Black on Black

Santee is a brand I had not heard of before, but it offered nice coverage and colors if you can get past the potent odor.
Aqua - 2 coats
this is more teal in real life, but of course it proved impossible to photograph :(

Eggplant - 2 coats
nice subtle silver shimmer!

Navy Blue - 2 coats
And lastly, the 2 Nabi's.
These do NOT have name labels on the bottles, unless I'm totally blind....
N30 Red Red - 2 coats

N46 Multi Heart - 2 coats over Red Red
this proved to be a difficult fishing expedition....

Most of these polishes were opaque in 1 coat, but I pictured 2 just for neatness. I decided to do a small test run of how they stamp over dark and light colors. I painted both black and white polish on my nails and stamped as follows:
Left top - Santee Eggplant ; bottom - KleanColor Coffee Addict
Middle top - Santee Aqua ; bottom - Santee Navy Blue
Right top - KleanColor Cobalt ; bottom KleanColor Metallic Pink
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  1. Beautiful swatches! Those Kleancolor Chunky holos look amazing!

  2. Its a shame about the bottle breaking but the other polishes look great. I agree with Josephine-the Kleancolor Chunky holos are gorgeous over those bases.

  3. Really nice colours, I love the blues that you choose. And a good reaction of the saler! Kisses

  4. omg, i can't believe they sent them that way in the first place, but glad they sent you new ones!

  5. Oof, I don't like seeing boxes with spilled polish. Thumbs up for their customer service though, and I hope it taught them to wrap it up better next time :)

  6. wow what a mess but great customer service.
    really like Santee- aqua and klean color- coffe addict

  7. this manicure is sooo pretty :)

  8. I only have a few of the Kleancolor one sells them in my area and I cannot see spending the shipping and upped price to get them on ebay and other on line places where I have found them. But that said, the ones I have I really love. I have the black holo like you have here...and that one I think is what pulled me into the brand...but then I got some of their metallics which when I got them, they were so saturated in colors and so vivid I really have been pleased..not the best of all formulas and if it did not cost so much to ship I would get more I am sure. I have recently seen Coffee Addict used in fall, Halloween and not Christmas nail art a lot - perfect shade for fall leaves, ginger bread men, Rudolph, and I think I saw some used for turkeys for TG too. So sad they send this order less than well wrapped. I get so upset when I have a big old mess when I open a's so hard to get places to understand I cannot send it back to prove it's broken as it's a hazard to send shards of glass in the mail! Nice the co sent you free product for review - but gads...wrap each one up individually in bubble carefully - everyone knows no polish bottle makes it through the mail or USP otherwise! I would love to know if they are a company that makes you send back broken bottles or not...that's just not acceptable in my book...a photo of the messed up shipping box should be enough proof - not like anyone would be able to re-sell or use the product that is not arrived safely! I have a Kleancolor I reallly love that reminds me of Colbalt - it's got that same color of glitter that is in a base that is this color only not fully opaque - it's killer - folks will grab my hand when I have it on and ooh and ah! It's not a typical glitter and I don't think it even said in the description it was glitter so I was pleased when it arrived. Kleancolors really can glow - odd when they are not a expensive brand at all - they have a good product for the most part it seems. Wish they sold them in retail where I could look at all the shades and buy that way.

  9. these are so pretty! that's so sad it broke, but i'm glad they were nice about it :)

  10. I just got some to review as well and, though none of mine broke, I did have dents in the glass on a couple bottles. I mentioned it to them but haven't heard back because of the holiday. Looks like you picked some beauties though!

  11. oh my gosh !! I would have had a meltdown ! thats awesome that they got back to you about what happened.

  12. I like Coffee Addict and Chunky Holo Teal :) It's great when they want to send another one polish :)

  13. That broken one is gorgeous. What is that one called? Did they replace that one?

  14. That broken one is gorgeous. What is that one called? Did they replace that one?


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