Friday, November 30, 2012

Mauve Gradient

Here is a smooth gradient I did the other day utilizing 2 polishes that can give off that mauve-y grandma tone that some people don't care for. I actually like it and I think the gradient fade makes it much more interesting.

The 2 polishes I used are both Wet N Wild Megalasts.
Undercover & Haze of Love
(The one on the right is a mini bottle from a large variety set mom got me.)

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  1. "Mauve-y grandma tone" haha! I like it very nice and I agree the gradient dresses it up a bit.

  2. Your gradient is perfect!! Love the combo!

  3. This is gorgeous! So subtle yet so pretty. I love it. (I also love "grandma colors" like these).

  4. You're right, a gradient totally saves these! Very chic now!

  5. I have a Zoya that has that mauve-y grandma feel, too. I'm gonna have to do this. It's super sophisticated looking and not old.

  6. I love this gradient! It's lovely :)


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