Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Shimmer - Julia & Strength

Check out Cindy's Etsy shop, website, or facebook for more information on purchasing. Or you can always email her directly with your paypal address and the colors you would like to purchase:
These Shimmer polishes might look quite similar, but there are some differences.
Julia is on the left and Strength is on the right.
Strength has the addition of larger silver hexes and silver hearts.
 Each nail has one coat of Shimmer polish over Sally Hansen Insta Dri Blue Away.
Thumb and ring finger have Shimmer Strength.
Index, middle, and pinky have Shimmer Julia.

I did have to fish around a bit to get the hearts out. I'll probably store this bottle upside down so they'll sink to the "top."

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  1. Very pretty! I like the nail art, you presented very well. Please keep updating the blog. Cheers!


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